Sunday, March 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Uncle Derek!

We had a fun surprise party for Jon's brother, Derek, last night.

He was pretty surpised when he walked in the door expecting the annual family lobster dinner only to be adorned with a sombrero, a homemade Bacardi lei, and a cane.

We had a grim reaper pinata filled with mini (plastic) liquor bottles, Bengay, Preparation H Wipes, denture cleaning tablets, and candies.

The streamers were decorated with all sorts of helpful coupons for old people like Uncle Derek: Depends, Metamucil, Colon Health, and Geritol.

Jon had the awesome idea to blow up a photo of Derek with their dad at his 40th birthday party. Grammy made it happen.

There was a ton of food. I mean it, like, a ton.

We managed to float a pony keg of Zeigenbock and plow through one and a half containers of frozen margaritas. Grammy rented the machine from Margarita Mania. She's so smart.

Aunt Jen got an awesomely morbid cake from HEB. The frosting turned everyone's lips and teeth blue.

Here's a rundown of the party menu:

cream cheese tortilla rolls
southwest egg rolls
cheesy-meaty things (Grammy knows the real name)
Texas Trash
drunken weiners

crockpot chicken tacos (Katie's recipe)
beef enchilada casserole (Paula Dean's recipe)
homemade salsa
taco fixins
charro beans
flour tortillas and crunchy taco shells

fruit salad

Amery helped clean up the streamers this morning.

In case you were wondering what toddler help looks like.

After a while he decided it was just more fun to climb on papa.