Monday, April 27, 2009

Family Lobsterfest 2009

Every year Jon's aunt and uncle send the family an awesome Christmas gift: a full lobster dinner. This year we got together on Beth's birthday to enjoy some tasty crustaceans. I refuse to be in the room when the lobsters are slaughtered. I admit, however, that I have no problem eating them when they are done.

This year's menu included cheese fondue, lobster bisque and shrimp corn chowder, fresh salad, boiled fresh Maine lobsters, and chocolate lava cakes with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I proudly made the lava cakes from scratch and, from what everyone tells me, they turned out great. I've had no sense of taste or smell for the past week due to a nasty cold (not swine flu, I swear) so I had to take everyone's word for it. Oh the irony.

Place mats that came with our lobsters.

The ginormous pot (aka, the instrument of death).

Nothing says ambiance like floating lobster candles.

Jon and the seaweed-covered lobsters.

The birthday girl (take the damn picture so I can eat my lobster).