Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas in Texas

Since we are traveling to Minneapolis for Christmas this year, we had Christmas with Jon's family last Friday. The weekend before Christmas, I decided it would be a fun idea to bake cookies with our niece and nephew. My niece had a ball, and my nephew got into the cookie decorating in between bouts of X-Box playing. The cookies turned out awesome if you could get past the fact that most of the sprinkles were in one large heap in the center of the cookie. But who am I to judge the artistic musings of a four- and seven-year-old?

I made them little aprons with their names on them to use when we do projects at our house. Oh yeah, who's the cool aunt? Me.

The finished products displayed at our family Christmas gathering.

Our tree and some of our Christmas decor.

We gave our niece a tea set that was a big hit.
The coasters doubled as bundt cakes - mmmmm, bundt cake.