Monday, March 14, 2011

Trip to "the jumpy place"

Amery and I had some fun at a local indoor inflatable playground yesterday. I would post the name, but no doubt they would then find my blog and post an annoying ad in the comments. Here's a link if you wanna check it out. We really don't make the rounds at the bouncy places around town unless we're attending a birthday party, but I happened to get a pass for 3 visits for free. This place is nice, really nice, and it's great for the toddler crowd. Lots of times these places have tweens mixed with 3-year-olds and it's just a recipe for disaster of the concussion variety. A few cell phone quality pics for you:

Jumpy area just for kids 3 and under...

...with a ball pit.

Bliss. {let's all pretend there are not germs from seventy bazillion other kids on those balls, mkay?}

Climbing up the "big lide" by himself.

Piece of cake.

In addition to the bouncy areas, they have 5 or 6 different play rooms/houses filled with toys, costumes, props, etc.

A service station/garage.

A grocery store.

A dress-up room with a stage.

A diner.

An animal hospital.

That little band around his ankle matched one I had around my wrist. No one is allowed to leave until the adult's band is matched up to the child's band. Smart. If you go, bring some healthy snacks. All they had available was ice cream treats, chips/Goldfish, and sodas/juice.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

We've been working on being polite the past few months. Amery now says please and thank you without prompting, and he's starting to get you're welcome as well. We also get a lot of spontaneous I Love Yous and we always get I Love You Toos in return if we say it first...all of which is awesome of course. Tonight at bedtime:

Me: Night night, baby.
Amery: Big hugs, mama?
Me: (gives big hug)
Amery: You're welcome, mama.