Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ear Infection #3

Poor little man. Three hours at urgent care, a yucky flu swab (which was negative), and a fever that topped out at 105.5 yesterday. I don't blame him for feeling like this:

We'll report back when he's all fixed up and back to trouble making.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Fashionable Friday

How do you make a mommy happy? You find a 6-12 month sized denim jacket stashed in the back of the coat closet that you completely forgot about. Then you find out it still fits him!

Rockin' the denim, khaki style.

I had to bribe him with Cheerios to sit for the picture.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Major Catching Up To Do.

Holy moly it's been a looong time since I updated the blog. Sorry. We've all been sick on and off since Thanksgiving. Amery has been the most sick, poor little guy. Let's get that out of the way and then we can move on to the cute pictures.

I can't remember who got sick first. It may have been me. Shortly thereafter, Amery got a cold...that turned into a sinus infection...that turned into an ear infection...that turned into a bad cough and wheezing. Christmas morning we finally called our pediatrician from Jon's parents' house in Lago Vista (about 45 minutes from our house in Austin). She told us to go home immediately and get the nebulizer we had from when he got RSV sometime around 5 months old. So, without opening a single present, and with Amery still in his jammies, we went home, got the breathing machine and medicines, and drove BACK to Lago to have Christmas with the family. A follow-up appointment on Monday showed he now had a DOUBLE ear infection, still had the cough, and still had the sinus infection. He also couldn't go to daycare for the week. I had no paid time off, so we called in the cavalry! My mom was able to fly down and help us out for a whole week. That was HUGE and such a relief. Amery and Grandma had a great time hanging out while he recovered.

Another follow-up appointment this past Monday showed he has an antibiotic-resistant bacterial sinus infection. The bacterium is called Streptococcus pneumoniae in case you feel like a bit of Googling. He is now on a very strong antibiotic nose spray that hopefully will knock the crap out of the evil bacteria in his cute little nose.

On to the good stuff. Amery got a lot of toys for Christmas. Like A LOT of toys. So pretty much all the pictures I have are of Amery and the toys. With him being sick and our stress over that, we didn't think about the usual family pic in front of the tree, or any photos of us for that matter. So here you go. Amery and Toys - Christmas 2009.

Little Tikes Inside/Outside Kitchen and Grill from Santa.

PBK Anywhere Chair. He loves this thing. If I sit in it and say "Mommy's chair" he tries to nudge me out.

I really doubted whether or not he would actually sit in it, but we couldn't get him out of the thing.

Sometimes the packaging is more fun than the toy.

Mickey Mouse Ride-on Plane from Auntie Laura.

I've got some more pictures to add of his wagon from Grammy and Grampy, but they're on a different computer so I'll update later.