Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Get Outside and Play

Amery broke in a few of his outdoor toys this past week.

In his play tent with a new favorite toy - a taped-up juice bottle with a few pennies inside. Good thing we have all those expensive toys around the house for decoration.

I think play tent is our new favorite hang-out. Sometimes we sit out in the front yard and watch for papa to come home from work.

The new swing! It's a little big for him yet, but he wasn't complaining.

Mid-swing action shot.

I took this video with my little camera so the quality's not that great, but I think the message is clear enough: the swing is a hit with the 8-month-old crowd.

And since he hasn't made an appearance on the blog lately, here is a picture of our other baby with a new Hedgie sent to him from Grandma in Minnesota.