Monday, August 04, 2008

More Shower Pics

Two more to be exact. Sorry all, we were just having too much fun to take more than just pictures of me opening gifts.

The cake was beautiful and very tasty. Light blue whipped cream frosting with dark brown ribbons. Good work, Jen.

And that's me. Ann took a ton of gift-opening pictures - thanks Annie! However, you only get to see the one that hints at the fact that I indeed was born with only one chin, and that I will someday get rid of the second and third chins that have appeared thanks to baby boy here.


Jamie and Brian said...

You look adorable! :) And that cake is gorgeous - looks like you had a great shower.

Polly said...

It must be the camera or the lighting because I swear I only saw one chin that day. And you looked beautiful, too!