Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Austin City Limits...

...was a really long time ago.

But we really needed a new post and this one has been sitting in my to-do list forever. Last month we were fortunate enough to be invited by our friends, Linden and Collin, to the last day of the 2007 Austin City Limits Festival. Collin was showing her amazing artwork at the ACL art show, and we got to go a long as "helpers." We pretty much drank beer, listened to music, and then watched Linden pack up the booth at the end of the night. But we really felt helpful.

We got these cool "STAFF" wristbands. Other than the getting-in-for-free thing, the best part about these wristbands was that they got you into the behind-the-stage clean porta potties.

This is Collin at her booth. You should go to her website and them buy some art. Really.

We got pretty close to Ziggy Marley when he played the kids' stage.

Jon and Linden.

Heather and Scott were there too.

We couldn't get very close to Regina Spektor, but I really liked her music so I am including a picture of her head on a giant screen.

That's me (not bad, huh?). Jon felt it necessary to take several snapshots of his view as we fought our way through the crowds.
Mobs of people and the lovely Austin skyline in the background.
I had to put this one in even though it sucks. According to Linden, this is the actual moon tower where the beer bust scenes were filmed for Dazed and Confused.
Linden packing up the art booth at the end of the night.

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