Wednesday, June 06, 2007

And the livin's easy

Summertime is upon us, and we are starting to get a taste of what we are in for over the next 4+ months. Today is supposed to be around 95 degrees and nearly 100% humidity. Nichole and Gaurav are in Singapore laughing at me right now, because I'm pretty sure that's what they live in all year round. By the way, sorry we've been MIA lately. Getting settled in the new house has been a slow process. Here's an update on some recent events as well as what we've got coming up:

- We bought and moved into our new house (see previous post). We have since done done some painting, had a pool party, and rearranged our furniture a hundred times. We'll try and post some "after" pictures soon.

- The month started off a bit stressful when Kona slipped on our new laminate floor and partially tore his ACL. I know, right? Who knew dogs had an ACL. Apparently we dodged a rather expensive bullet, because if he had torn it completely, we would be looking at a surgery in the neighborhood of $2500.
- Shannon spent a week in beautiful Kemmerer, Wyoming. Some trivia for you: Kemmerer is the Fossil Fish Capital of the World and home of the very first J.C. Penney store. There is one (decent) restaurant in town called Bootleggers. I think I have now had nearly everything on the menu. The week in Kemmerer was followed by a visit to Salt Lake City to catch up with Matt and Elisabeth. I had a great time hearing about their upcoming wedding plans and eating sushi with their fun friends. Finally a stop in Denver was in order. I had a chance to get dinner and drinks with Cristy, Deborah, Allison, Chuck, Ann, and a bunch of other friends. I didn't realize how much I missed everyone!
- Nichole and Gaurav had a beautiful baby girl on May 20th! Congratulations to the new parents! We can't wait to meet her in person someday.

- Jon is getting ready for his 10th (or 11th?) Texas Water Safari. The indelible Fumar Chochar Mopar is being patched up and epoxied in anticipation of this Saturday's start date. No doubt photos and a distinctly "Jon" post will appear on the blog following the race.
- Ann and Chris are engaged! Unless you Colorado people have been living under a rock, you know Chris finally bought the rock. Let the wedding emails fly (at least between Ann and Shannon, I doubt Chris and Jon will be trading opinions on gowns and bouquets for the next year).
- We will be taking a short trip to Colorado near the end of June to close on our house there. We feel sad letting it go, but we have been renting it to the buyers for 6 months, and we feel confident that they will take good care of our first home together.

- Shannon's parents are coming for week-long visit to check out the new house. The list of projects continues to grow. I think I'm the only person who's dad needs to ship his tools out ahead of time in order to complete all the crap we ask him to do for us.
- Shannon is going to Oahu for a two-week work trip. I know, it's a rough life, right? Seriously, I 'll be working hard that whole time, I swear. We are fortunate that Jon will be able to join me in August for a week-long vacation. If you want to drool over my acommodations and the scenery I can expect from my hotel room while I'm there, click here. Stay tuned for more obnoxious posts where we blatantly brag about shark dives, mai tais, and snorkeling with humuhumunukunukuapua'as.

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nichole said...

Good to finally hear an update! I'm glad you guys are settling into your new city. Can't wait to visit and check out the pool. Talk to you soon.