Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sibling Birthday Party at Kiddie Acres!

This year we held the kids' birthday party at Kiddie Acres Amusement Park. It's the perfect combination of family fun and "Austin weird." It's family-run and the folks there couldn't be nicer or more accommodating.  Amazingly, Amery was ok with sharing his birthday party with Piper this year. Sure makes things a lot easier than hosting a separate party two weekends in a row!

Lots of fun was had with cousins and friends. 
Clearly the boats are one of the biggest hits.
The train circles around the park twice and passes right by the covered picnic pavilion area where the parties are held.

Piper's birthday cake. This cake was adorable and perfect when it arrived from my friend Kimberly of Kimberly's Kakery. Then I made the worst decision ever by setting it on top of the wagon to get it from the car to the picnic table. Settling ensued. The topper with her name, inspired by me and my insanity, took about 2 minutes and turned out great. 

Forgot to snap a photo of the cupcakes so I had to settle for an iPhone pic in crappy lighting. More internet inspiration for the ticket toppers, this time from Rock 'n Roll Bride. There are all kinds of Ebay and Etsy sellers selling these tickets. I ended up going with Etsy seller wrapworks and had a great experience.  The only problem I had was buying way too many! I originally thought about making some paper chains out of the extra tickets, but just plain ran out of time in the end.
Amery doesn't care for cake, so he requested cookies instead. For the candle, I bought a huge "6" candle from Party City. Then Jon cut a slit in the bottom of a paper bowl, stuck the candle in, and we piled up the cookies around it.

Stayed lit *just* long enough to blow it out. Amery's shirt is from Etsy seller GnomEnterprises.

Piper, on the other hand, likes cake just fine.
The only shot I got of her cute new dress from decaf plush.  Hopefully someone else got a better one. Oh, and I bought her some cute new pink gingham TOMS to go with it but couldn't find them the day of the party.  I tore my house apart looking for those damn shoes. They are still MIA and probably will be until they are too small.

Invitations and water bottle labels from Etsy seller pinkcreativeinvites. I rounded the corners with a corner punch prior to sending them out. Great quality and Gretchen is easy to work with.
I stressed and stressed over the joint party aspect of the whole thing. I worried that Amery's school friends would feel obligated to bring a gift for both kids. In the end, I gave parents a heads up via email before sending out the invitation that the party was for both kids, and to please not feel obligated to bring two gifts.

In all the party excitement, I forgot to snap pictures of the favors, the table decor, and worst of all, my family all together! I'll come back and update if I can find other guests who took pictures that day.

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