Monday, April 09, 2012

Bluebonnets 2012

Finally, we got a picture in the bluebonnets this year. For the non-Texans, it is a tradition down here to take your kid, plop him or her down in a field of bluebonnets, hope they don't sit on a fire ant mound, and snap a picture before they run away. We slacked off last year (see two-and-a-half-year photo to the left), and I really haven't had the time to drive around and find some, so I was very happy to see a great patch of bluebonnets at the farm where our church holds its annual Easter sunrise service.

I have only one problem with this picture - he looks so old! There is no way I would think this kid is only three-and-a-half if you showed me this picture and I didn't know him. ::sniff::

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