Monday, April 30, 2012

Big Boy Room Progress

We will eventually be moving Amery into the current guest room, and while grandma was in town we she made some progress on the decor.  This room has needed some curtains since we moved in six years ago.  None of our guests complained so it just got put off.  A couple of weeks go we picked up a pair of these Lightcatcher Curtains at Tuesday Morning for $19.99 per panel (it may have even been $14.99, I can't remember).  Off-white wasn't my first choice, but they didn't have a ton of solid colors to choose from.  In the end I really liked them, and they block out a TON of light when closed.

Next we searched and searched for some Hawaiian fabric to make a valance to match his PBK Island Surf Bedding (he has this quilt with this navy/red reversible comforter):

I don't plan on changing the wall color in the room which is currently that green color you see in the quilt.  So in the end, we decided a plain navy valance was the best we could do.  A quick search on the Hancock Fabrics website lead me to this awesome ribbon.  A little bit of Witch Stitchery, a hot iron, and a towel over top of the ribbon (turns out those white flowers are plastic!) and we had a valance:

A couple of tiebacks tied the valance and the off-white curtains together:

It was tough to get a good photo in low light, and the canopy bed in the way doesn't help things much, but I think it looks pretty darn good:

Adding the hibiscus ribbon allowed us to tie it in with flowers/leaves in the surf bedding while still keeping it masculine.  When we move him into this room I plan on taking off the door to the walk-in closet and replacing it with a curtain.  Right now the door swings into the room and takes up precious wall space on the only wall that can really "hold" the bed.  Since I have a bunch of hibiscus ribbon leftover, I'm thinking a navy blue curtain with red ribbon accents at the top and bottom or maybe along the long edge.

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