Monday, October 24, 2011

Superman vs Spiderman vs A Different Kind of Robot

We've been asking Amery what he wanted to be for Halloween since about mid-September. He's in a superhero (he calls them "superzeros") phase right now, so naturally his internal debate has been between Superman and Spiderman. I was secretly hoping he'd choose the former, because then I could order this to match him. Superman was clearly the favorite, so I had high hopes. Finally, about two weeks ago, I asked him when he woke up if he wanted to be Superman or Spiderman. His answer was, "I want to be a robot." This was followed by his declaration to be a certain complicated Transformers-like robot he'd been carrying around for a few days. I told him I didn't think I could make that costume, so he would have to be a different kind of robot. Now if you ask him what he is for Halloween he will clearly tell you, "I'm a different kind of robot."

Armed with about 10 different homemade robot tutorials found on Pinterest, I settled on this version that uses a couple of aluminum roasting pans vs the traditional "cut a few holes in a cardboard box and hope your kid never needs to sit down or pee" version. I also knew he would never keep a helmet on his head for any length of time, so I cut apart a double-disco-ball headband from the costume store and made it into a single antenna headband using a regular old kid's headband from Target and some aluminum tape.

The small designs along the sides were some pre-colored printables from this site, but they have versions you can color yourself as well. I forgot to take a picture of the back side, but it's lined with reflectors I bought for about a dollar at Harbor Freight Tools. They function both as decorations for the costume and as safety items for trick-or-treating in the dark. I also plan to tape some glow sticks to the costume that night, but obviously they would lose their glow after a few hours, so I skipped that step thus far.

The final result, as recorded by my talented friend with her kick-butt camera skillz: adorably sweet...

...different kind of robot.


Tabatha said...

I love it! He's a sweet little robot!

Brandy said...

Love it!
We're going the box route, but I'm making sitting hinges :)

Shannon and Jon said...

Brandy - Great idea for sitting in a box!