Tuesday, July 26, 2011

We're doin' stuff.

I promise we are. We're just not writing about it. This summer has been crazy busy and even crazier hot. The high temperature for today, tomorrow, and the foreseeable decade is 105. Since I know at least Gretchen is paying attention to the blog, I better get a few pictures up here to prove we don't hole up in our A/C all day.

We made our first visit to Deep Eddy Pool.

We checked out some live music with some margaritas and milk.

We went to the bouncy place.

We hung out with friends.

We saw Dwight. See that floor right there? That's the stage. We could touch it.

We made s'mores around the pool after a long day and night of swimming with friends.


***Sharon*** said...

Hi Shannon! Love your 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. month pictures! What a fabulous idea! You had asked on my blog about where to get bubble wands...wasn't sure if you would check back or not and I couldn't find your email addy so I thought I would message you here. I found a set of bubble wands of about 15-20 in a plastic container at Walmart and Target - in the outdoor/toys section. They are probably still available as it is the season for bubbles! :) Thanks for stopping by!

Actuary Mom said...

Hi!. I found the bubbles at our dollar store. I just did homemade labels over the labels that were actually there. Of course because I forgot to hand out the party favors, they are still in my pantry. Maybe we'll reuse for baby #2. :)