Friday, April 09, 2010

Eighteen Month Check Up

This is going to be a pretty boring post because there's not much to say - he's completely healthy! Considering he had one continuous ear infection from November through February this is the best check-up we've had in a long time. His height is 32.5 inches (51st percentile) and his weight is 23 lbs 14.5 oz (21st percentile). He's tall and skinny and perfect.

Amery's favorite words right now are: Neena (Kona), mama, papa (usually said in a whisper, your guess is as good as ours), Dukel (for both cats, not just Feral Dukel), hi, bye, eat (using the sign for 'eat' and said more like eeeeeeeeeeeat), and of course, mine. He says other words, but these are his faves.

We hung out at the park with some friends today:

And that's all we got.