Monday, March 29, 2010

Your Basic Awesome Weekend

We had a great weekend! Lunch and shopping with Grammy on Friday, the Mamacents sale with my friend Lynda and Luke's first birthday party on Saturday, and a canoe race, family festival, and crafting get-together with some girlfriends on Sunday! Whew, we're tired. This is the BEST time of year to live in Texas. The weather is perfect, the bluebonnets and wildflowers are out, and there are so many free events in Austin right now. Free is good.

Well, the Mamacents sale wasn't so "free" by the time I was done. I justify my spending by stating that I walked away with half a summer wardrobe, an awesome Playskool bus toy, a poseable Spongebob (aka "Bob-Bob"), and this little gem:

We had to pry it out of his little toddler hands to get him in the car, in the high chair, in bed.

On Sunday morning, Jon participated in the First Annual Colorado River Ramble 10-Mile Race at Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Jon and Stacie are used to the 250-mile Texas Water Safari, so this race was walk in the park for these guys. They won first place for their boat class. So what if there was only one boat in their class. Now they have bragging rights for next year.

Jon, Stacy, and Warren before the race.

Hanging out on the shore and cheering for papa.

Jon (front) and Stacy (back) on the lake.

Way to go, papa!

To top off the festival, our friend Collin won a brand spankin new kayak!

**JUST ADDED** There was a professional photographer (Billy Moore) at the Family Clean Water Festival after the canoe race who took this nice photo of the three of us.

I finished off the weekend at a crafting get-together with the ladies, and made these for all the kids at Easter. I figure they'll get enough candy from the Easter bunny. Don't worry, I won't start giving out raisins on Halloween.