Monday, October 19, 2009

Red River Rivalry Weekend

This weekend was the big UT-OU game, formerly known as the Red River Shootout, revised to the less violent and current name of the Red River Rivalry. For the non-locals, the name comes from the fact that the Red River forms the border between Texas and Oklahoma. We watched game at Ruby's house, then we spent the afternoon at Laura and Joe's Engagement party. Papa found a wagon and Amery had a great time getting wheeled around the yard,

Why are you stopping?

Can a brother get a beer, or what?

He also discovered the wonder that is the kitchen cabinets:

This one is from this morning. It was finally cool enough to wear his new little jacket on the way to daycare:

Of course it's supposed to be 80 by this afternoon, so when I pick him up he will be in short sleeves and barefoot. Gotta love Texas.