Saturday, October 03, 2009

12-month Stats

I've never actually done a post with his height, weight, head circumference and all that, but lots of my friends do them so I'm guessing this info must be of some interest. Amery had the unfortunate pleasure of getting four shots in a row last Thursday. Poor guy. Clearly he was not thrilled about it:

He took 'em like a champ and is no worse for the wear. He is, however, protected against all kinds of nasty diseases you never hear about anymore. Bring on the mumps - he can take it.

Amery's 12-month stats:

Height = 29 inches = 23rd percentile
Weight = 20.3 lbs = 12th percentile
Head circumference = 46 (not sure about the units) = 37th percentile

If you're interested in what the percentiles mean, this site seems to have a handle on it.

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Amy said...

Amery is so cute. Looks like it was a great party. Birthday banner is super cute too!