Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party Pictures

These were taken by our talented friend who shall remain anonymous. Clearly she's awesome and captured our little man and the party details perfectly. Check back later for more pictures as well as a link to all the ones I won't have room to post.

Ready for cake.

Reading with Grandma.

Sneeking a snack before the party.

The Goldfish Cracker sippy cup buffet.

Party favors waiting to be filled.


Cupcake beach inspired by Bakerella. These were made by another talented friend who also would like to remain anonymous. We're all hoping she makes baking her full time business 'cause she's great at it.

Amery and Mama. That's his newborn picture around my neck.

Not exactly party-related, but still birthday-related. Here are a couple of pictures of the amazing painting given to Amery by Aunt Jennifer's Mom and Dad, Gail and Dayle. Gail painted it just for him and we treasure it!


2H2L said...

It looks like everything turned out great! I have to tell you, I'm already plotting to steal some of your ideas. I love the goldfish bar!

Chris & Ann said...

Love the pics!! It looks like his birthday was a lot of fun! :-)

Di said...

OMG that picture of him smooching on his little girlfriend is too cute. I dont' think she knew what hit her. He's such a little flirt. Hahahahaha!

Kimberly said...

Genius! Totally stealing the goldfish bar!