Monday, March 23, 2009

When in Texas

Sunday started out pretty normal. Get up, go to church, run a few errands. When it was time for lunch, Jon and I decided the only thing that sounded good was Smokey J's. Smokey J's is a cash-only barbecue stand that has been in Austin for years. I think Jon even frequented Smokey J's in high school. They have the best BBQ wraps in Austin in my humble non-native Texan opinion. On any given summer weekend I myself have been known to polish off three chopped wraps in a row with pickles and cheese, then top them off with potato salad and banana pudding.

Back to the story. As we were leaving Smokey J's, we saw a huge LONGHORN PHOTOS sign across the highway. Are you kidding? Of course we turned around. When we pulled up, we realized that the owner of said longhorns was non other than our old friend Ralph Fisher. Our faithful blog readers may remember our adventures in armadillo racing with Ralph way back in November 2007.

Amery wasn't too sure about sitting atop a giant steer. And he was BIG. I'm 5'4" so you can see how wide it is from tip to tip of those big horns. Immediately after this picture was taken, he stuck his lip out and started to wail.

Somehow I don't think the Easter Bunny photos in a couple of weeks are going to go over much better.

He was a little more open to the resident pony. Much closer to his own size!