Tuesday, February 24, 2009

He gets it

We've had this jumperoo for a while now, and it's taken some time for him to grow into it. At first he hated it, then he decided he liked it but he couldn't really jump. He would just sort of stand there and do the hula. The other day he figured out how to jump straight up and down. I'm pretty sure he's going to launch right out of the thing one of these days. I caught a couple seconds of it on video for your viewing pleasure:

Oh, and I had a fun surprise in my email this morning. I have been in love with this website called Cool Mom Picks for a while now. It's a blog that is updated daily with all sorts of cute and unique stuff for kids (and parents). Budget contstraints don't allow for much shopping these days, but I do try to enter their contests whenever I get a chance. This morning I found out that I won a prize! They even posted my name on the site as the winner. I feel like a minor celebrity. (Yeah, I'm a dork, but whatev).