Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Greetings from the Great White North!

Amery and I made it safely to Minnesota yesterday. He did pretty good on the two flights although I pretty much had to bounce him non-stop or he would fuss at me. Luckily I had grandmothers next to me on both flights.
While the flights were relatively uneventful, the drive from the airport to my parents' house was another story entirely. It was a total nightmare. We left the airport at 3:30 and it had just started to snow. The snow combined with rush-hour made for some of the worst traffic I have ever experienced in my life. Ever. Ever. It is a half-hour drive from the airport to my parents' house. It took three hours. Amery was starving but was so upset at all the travel that he would not take a bottle all bundled up in his car seat. I didn't want to take him out to nurse him because obviously that's dangerous, and that would have been really hard anyway. After over an hour on the road, I couldn't take it anymore. We were going 2 MPH or we were stopped so I finally pulled him out of the seat for 5 minutes to strip off his fleece snowsuit and give him the bottle. After that he calmed down a bit. I had to rock the car seat constantly for the rest of the trip home.

Today has been a much better day although he has decided grandma and grandpa's house is way too interesting to take a nap. Awesome. We managed to capture one happy moment: