Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More Maternity Pics!

They're done! Yay! My awesome photographer and now friend, Lyndsay Stradtner, put together a great slideshow of a whole bunch of pictures from our session a couple of weeks ago. I love them and I'm so glad I have these pictures to look back on and remember how exciting this time was for me. Once again, consider yourself warned: you will see more of my big bare belly in these pictures than you will ever want to see.

Click here for a slideshow with music. Sometimes it takes a little time to load up so be patient. Oh, and since we have failed miserably to keep his name a secret to pretty much everyone but extended family, I told Lyndsay to go ahead and include his name at the beginning. Also keep an eye out for Kona's pictorial debut.

And because it's my favorite:


Tabatha said...

I love the Kona pics!!!!

Kelsey said...

These are fabulous! I love the photos with the dog. :)