Friday, September 19, 2008

38 Weeks - Modified Bedrest

Well, it looks like I haven't been lounging around eating enough bon-bons lately. I went in for my regular appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was a bit high (130/93 vs my normal 120/80). My feet and legs have been a bit swollen as well, but this was the first time the swelling was combined with high BP. This is a common concern near the end of pregnancy and there is no way to tell who will get it and who won't. I went back in this morning and, while it wasn't exactly stellar at 136/81, it was really no worse. That as well as my bloodwork coming back normal was enough to ward off any talk of inducing in the next few days. I go back on Monday for another BP check so we'll see how it goes then.

In the meantime, my doctor has put me on modified bedrest. I can still work my last week next week, but I need to work from home where I can recline. I guess sitting upright at a desk can cause fluid to pool in my legs and feet even if I try to keep them up. Oh yeah, when I was weighed at my appointment this morning I was 2 pounds lighter than I was yesterday afternoon. So basically I lost 2 pounds of water weight (swelling) overnight just by laying down more. Stay tuned for an update on Monday, but I suspect if I follow her advice all will continue to be well.

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Jamie and Brian said...

Sorry to hear about the modified bedrest :( how did your doc apt go on Monday?

Yes, I am typing this during a late night feeding... Newborns!