Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Shower - Minneapolis

Here are a couple of pics from my joint baby shower with my cousin Jamie in Minneapolis last Saturday. I will post more as I get them. Enjoy!
(Some people told me all they could see was red x's for a while - I think I have that fixed).

With Grandma.

With diaper cake made by Aunt Gerry.

Opening gifts with Jamie.

Still opening gifts. Our friends and family were very generous.
The cake made by our family friend, Carolyn. Carolyn has made all my cakes since I was a little girl.


Jamie and Brian said...

Note to self... don't let people take pictures of me when I am sitting down :)

Shannon & Jon said...

Don't think I didn't obsess over which photos showed the two of us in the best "light"! Why do you think I chose the blanket photo? :)

Jamie and Brian said...

Good choice on the blanket photo! :)