Sunday, May 18, 2008

Halfway There and Nursery Progress

We're halfway there today - 20 weeks - crazy how fast the time has gone. This last weekend was great. My mom came for a visit, we found out we are having a healthy boy, the nursery furniture arrived, we had brand new carpet installed in the guest room and nursery, and we had the first BBQ/pool party of the summer with my mom and Jon's family. Here are some pics of the furniture and a few projects from the weekend:

The crib. Looks a tad complicated so we decided to wait a couple of days to put it together. This is a good shot of the fabulous new carpet too.

I picked out this red microfiber fabric to cover the window seat cushion. Also, with mom's help, we added some ribbon to a plain chocolate brown valance to tie it in with the bedding colors (the blanket sitting there on the window seat).
Close-up of the DIY valance. It barely made it across the width of the window so I need to pick up another one (and add the ribbon to it) to make it look fuller.

Dresser/changing table with hutch. The set came with both brown and polished pewter drawer pulls which I have yet to change out. I did get to two of them on the top dresser drawer and I can't wait to do them all. I love the contrast with the metal knobs. The little plush lobster on the left has become my inspiration to eventually add some sea life inspired art work and decor.

The tall dresser. Still needs its metal knobs too.

Finally, a cute picture of how I greeted my mom at the airport on Thursday. She called me during her layover in Denver and I told her she had to wait until she got here to find out what we were having. I greeted her at the airport in Austin with a big bunch of blue balloons. She figured it out. She's pretty sharp.

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