Monday, March 17, 2008

My crib or yours?

With help from the grandparents (thanks again guys!) we ordered the furniture for the nursery this weekend. It's a little on the early side, but really who can resist the USA Baby "One Day Sale"? It should get here in 8-12 weeks which gives Jon plenty of time to finish the nursery walls and floors. I'll post pictures of his progress there soon. Here are the three pieces we ordered:

Munire Urban Collection

The crib is a "lifetime" crib that has two positions, then turns into a toddler bed, then converts to a full-sized bed. Also, the bottom shelf of the hutch comes out to make room for a changing pad area. I'm guessing this is anything but fascinating for all of our male readers with the exception of Brian. I'm pretty sure he's the type to be analyzing the pros and cons of baby furniture at the moment.

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