Wednesday, December 05, 2007


We miss you and we think about you every day since you left us last Wednesday. I wish I could talk to you one more time and tell you in the year and a half that I knew you, my soul felt like it had known you longer. I wish I had another chance to make that yoga class we missed when we were late and they locked the doors on us. I wish I had replaced Shay's little travel dog food bowl that Kona chewed up like I said I would, even though you told me not to. I wish I had taken photos that day you grabbed the chainsaw from Jon in our backyard and tore up the juniper bushes. Remember when we were shopping for costumes and we laughed our way through Wal-Mart? Why were we even in there? Something to do with pantyhose and cheep shoes I think.

At the White-Out Party.

Mac's birthday party.

Nate took this picture. But it's my favorite,
so I hope he doesn't mind if I include it.

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