Friday, August 24, 2007

The Tattoo

After waiting two long years for us to return to Oahu, Jon finally got the tattoo he's been wanting. I documented the process while Jon stuck it out for four hours in the chair.

The tattoo artist was Sherri at the Hawaiian Tattoo Company in Honolulu, HI.

The first step is to make a stencil of the design. Jon knew he wanted the center to be the image of Maohi, the Tahitian god of paddling, but wasn't sure what he wanted around it. Sherri took the center image and designed the outer band around it.

The first couple of needle jabs.

As the outline was getting done, it became clear that Jon is what tattoo artists refer to as "a bleeder." This means that his skin would bleed after just one pass of the needle. Most people apparently don't bleed until the second or third pass.

Halfway filled in...

...and the finished product!

And just so you can get the full sound effect, here's a short video:

See, it's like you were right there with Jon - for four hours - getting a really painful tattoo. Only you weren't there, and I think if you ask Jon, he will agree that you were having a lot better time right at this moment.

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