Wednesday, June 13, 2007

They finished! (Final time - 84 hours)

Jon and Stacy arrived in Seadrift around 9:00 pm last night. It wasn't even dark yet! Luckily, Jon did not have a repeat of the "Safari Feet" from 2005, however he does have one broken rib, a few random bruises, and about 400 chigger bites. We got back to Austin at 2:30 this morning after the longest 3-hour drive ever.

Pictures from the Saltwater Barrier checkpoint (Day 4):

Almost in.

The guys are only allowed to get water and ice at each checkpoint along the way.

Jon was covered in caterpillars.

Pictures from Seadrift:

Paddling across San Antonio Bay.

The guys with their land crew: Danny, Belinda, and Marty.

I tagged along at the end.

Receiving their plaques. I am now taking bets on how long it will be before Jon gets drunk enough to give it away.

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