Thursday, November 16, 2006

See ya

I should probably let everyone know that I survived the gallbladder surgery. It was fairly uneventful, really. I was able to go home the same night (in a decent amount of pain covered by a Vicadin-induced stupor), and by the following Friday I felt well enough to leave the house for some errands. In case you are into this kind of thing, here is a link to my surgery photos: Some people have found them fascinating, others notsomuch. My squeamish friends should probably avoid them.

The house is now completely packed up, and the movers will be here tomorrow to take everything down to Austin. Not much else to say here really. It's sad to leave, it's happy to finally get down there. I've worked in the same office for six years and can only hope the people at my new office will be just as great. We've had a lot of help from our friends these past few months, and at times it feels wrong that they put so much effort and their own time into helping us move farther away.

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