Thursday, May 04, 2006

The End of the Tunnel

Last night I turned in the absolute last bit of work I need to do for graduate school ever. The sense of relief resulting from the end of three years of busting ass is incredible. It was about all I could do this semester to churn out a 19-page literature review on the evils of perchlorate, followed by a 10-page report on the evils of Teflon, followed by a 20-minute presentation on the evils of modeling fuel contamination. That's a lot of evils. Aside from showing up for a mandatory class next week (otherwise who would watch the poor souls that have yet to deliver their fascinating presentations?) I'm finished. There is no doubt I learned a thing here and there about Environmental Science and Engineering, but I think what I learned the most about is just how much mental stress I can sustain in a three-year period. Now it's time to re-learn how to use the free time I have lacked for so long. I'm seriously looking forward to that lesson.

House Update: We decided to paint our office last weekend (between writing papers of course). We're going for an old world tropical theme (aka a place to store all the stuff we bought in Hawaii). Oh yeah, and we got it in our heads that purchasing a computer armoire off Craigslist and subsequently re-staining it to a dark espresso color would be an easy thing. Note to self and other future furniture refinishers - 2 coats of stain on the Minwax can = 8 coats of stain in real life.
Dog Update: Kona is now officially huge. Approximately 80 pounds last time we checked. I guess when he hits 100 pounds he will be officially enormous. He will start obedience training next week. Nothing like an 80-pound untrained puppy, right?

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