Friday, January 06, 2006

"New" Addition

Ok, ok, so I'm still behind on the posts. It's tough to get caught up on all the great things that have been happened for us in 2005. In October, Jon and I trekked to Nebraska to pick out a new canine addition for our family. We left with a 10-week-old German Shepherd puppy and, after much discussion and my refusal to name the dog "Barnyard Stepstool", we named him Kona. While the name is not very German (somehow Claus just didn't fit him), the city of Kona was one of our favorite places on our Honeymoon.

Kona is now 5 months old and a whopping 66 pounds! He's very smart and well-behaved until one of the cats crosses his path. Then all bets are off. We're hoping one of these days he will lose interest in the felines, but it's not looking good for the kitties over the next few months.

Kona's latest adventure involved an 18-hour road trip to Austin, Texas to visit Jon's family for Christmas. The poor guy did remarkably well. Aside from the occasional look of "do I really have to get back in there?" after every stop, he took advantage of the time to catch up on sleep and build up all of his energy for when we arrived, thoroughly exhausted, in Austin. Thanks Kona.

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